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ITT Enidine Inc. Product Overview

ITT Enidine Inc., is a premier supplier of engineered Mechanical Shock Absorbers, Vibration Isolation Products, Noise Attenuation Products as well as Deceleration Devices and products for Hydraulic/Pneumatic Actuation and Motion Control applications.

ITT Enidine IoT-enabled Sentinel 1 shock absorber features on-board monitoring

In our latest Design World Product Spotlight, Mary Gannon chats with ITT Enidine's Dan Kowalik about the company's Sentinel 1 first-generation on-board monitoring system for its industrial shock absorbers. Sentinel 1 incorporates a sensor for reliable performance monitoring. It features event impact signal trigger capabilities protecting valuable equipment and ensuring seamless operations for various manufacturing applications including automatic storage and retrieval systems, warehousing, overhead crane and amusement rides. The sensor itself harvests own energy, thus does not require a battery, which allows its to provide continuous shock absorbing protection and impact monitoring and the ability to communicate across a facility to a PLC or other similar systems without wires or batteries.

Behind the Brands You Count On: Enidine

How are Enidine industrial shock absorbers made? Join us behind the scenes at the ITT plant in Orchard Park, NY, to find out! For more informative videos, visit MiHow2.com.




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