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Scm415 공정

cnc선반 가공 v : 눈이 부십니다 조도가 딱딱이들은 조도가 잘나네여

Material Scm415 Circular Rack And Pinion

manufacturer:Shanghai Success Construction International Trade Co., Ltd
Shanghai Success Construction International Trade Co., Ltd. . is the special maker of power precision transmission products of gear racks, slewing ring bearings, safety devices and gearboxes for construction, engineering, lifters, lifting elevators, hoists, shipbuilding, sliding gates, auto gates, level-moving doors and machinery transmission. Our products are mainly exported to Malaysia, Italy, the USA, Spain, Greece, Turkey and Russia. We can satisfy our customers' needs well. We can produce products according to customers' special requirements.
We are making precision casting parts according to customer's technical requirements.
We sincerely hope to cooperate with friends in the fields!





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